Thursday, April 26, 2007

We made it HOME!!!

This is RUSSIA!!

Our ride home was alittle better this time. They had a TGIFridays inside the Russian airport!! Our flight from Russia to NY was hell b/c apparently my butt is too fat for the seat and I had a couple inches of my right cheek hanging off the seat and it was very uncomfortable & gave me dysreflexia the entire flight.

When we got on the flight home, guess who we sat RIGHT next to? Michael FREAKIN Irvin!! And he sure was trying to sport his black velour and gucci luggage. He wore all black, shades, and a hat. He was trying to hide behind a newspaper too. He goes off. When he got up to go to the bathroom, I KNEW it was him. He is sooo TALL.

We got in late, at 10pm. I was sooo happy to see Billy and my sister that I started crying. You just don't really appreciate anything until you lose it. I feel like God keeps stressing this lesson on me.

Guys, you should be so thankful for what you have- your home, the food you like, your life. Being in Russia made me appreciate even the little things, like being in my own bed and just the smell of Texas air. I feel that this happening to me- you know, me becoming paralyzed- would atleast make you appreciate your legs, your fingers, sensations in your entire body... You guys are so lucky; and you don't even realize it. That tears me up inside. I would give anything to move just one finger or one toe. And most of you take everything in life for granted. I just hope this has caught someone's attention :).
love you all, T

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