Thursday, October 16, 2008

Golf Tournament SUCCESS!!

My golf tournament fundraiser (Oct. 11) was a big success! We had 13 teams sign up and compete. The winning team included Pete Bellmer, Roman Wrobel, and Rich Karm! Congratulations with your winning score of 60! We had tons of prizes and tons of raffle ticket sales. Thank you to all the golf players, Golf Etc., the volunteers, my family, and raffle ticket buyers. Through donations, player fees, raffle ticket sales, and auction items, we made about $4,700! Yay! Thank you EVERYONE again!!


Birthdays & Anniversaries!

August 21, I turned 21!!
September 3, Kristen (my friend) turned 24!!
September 14, Billy turned 24!!
September 21, Mom & Dad celebrated 23 years!!
October 25, Billy & me celebrate 6 years!!