Monday, November 12, 2007

UPDATE 2 RUSSIA TRIP 3- long one*

Today is SUNDAY!!! We finally made it a week! And thursday, we're blowin this Russian JOINT. So I had an injection tuesday and saturday and they both went well. Just been doin therapy and gettin massages (ps my massagist is def. into chicks and loves massaging my boooty but I sure don't mind haha). They have me doin more difficult therapy this time; more focused on strengthening my tricepts and back muscles. The doctor in charge of rehab came to our room wednesday wanting to examine me to check all my muscles out, how well i breathe, checked my wrists, my tricepts....

Anyways, he said I have more strength in my wrists, biceps, triceps, and back. He made me get on my stomach, back, and sides and told me to try and lift my head to see what muscles were working and how active they were. He said my top back muscles seem to be working now and that my very top ab muscles flinch when i try to lift my head and that these muscles were inactive last visit. He also said I seem to breathe somewhat better and that my hands/fingers have muscle development now- more in my left. My therapist told me that I sit up straighter in my chair this visit too. So YAY!

I sure did eat chef boyardeee wednesday! We've been killlling the market- bought ham, mayo, lettuce, american bread, cokes. And it is sooo cold outside (def. not 4 us Texans)!! Thursday we went into the old freakin hospital to do an EEG (brain) test. Haha Billy was trippin over how old it is. I did an interview thursday also- HOLLLLYWOOOOD!! We ate some McDonalds & ordered pizza too- not like home but it worked. MAN we are ready to come home! Haven't been doin much else except hiding from some of the odd patients here. MY friend from Baylor Rehab is here, Eric and we met some cool people from michigan... anyways- I'm out. love, T

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


We arrived safely to RUSSSSIA on sunday. I hate that we are 9 hours ahead... We flew from DFW to Atlanta to Moscow, on Delta, with no flight delays or problems, no aisle chair transfer issues.. mainly b/c Billy and his strong arms came XO.

BUT one of our luggages was damaged and also our clinic driver wasn't there to pick us up. This was a first. He is usually there all eager to get us. SO my mom, Billy, and me were STUCK in the airpt not knowing the language... and all these Russians kept coming up to us asking us things. Omg it was a big wow moment definitely. Atleast we know the russian word for "NO" which is "Nyet".

Monday was a Russian holiday so we just chilled all day. Tuesday, I got my first injection (a double dose) and I had killer therapy. We've already had some odd food served... we keep getting bread with cheese slices or salami slices on it for breakfast. Haha Billys trippin out over that! And yesterday, they served salami olive soup with lunch. I refused to eat that!! Don't you guys wish you were here?! haha

Friday, November 2, 2007

5 Yr Anniversary!

Billy and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together on October 25! Happy Anniversary Billy!


So our next trip is here already! We are actually leaving tomorrow morning. Our flight leaves at 11 AM. This trip, my mom and Billy are coming. Billy hasn't been yet. We are first flying to Atlanta, GA and then connecting to Moscow, Russia. We will be gone from Nov. 3 - 16. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. :) I will keep updating here while we are there.