Friday, March 30, 2012

God is at Work

God’s presence has never felt as real to me as it does in this moment. I can for the first time see Him working through my prayers in my life and in the lives of others. I have prayed for months, maybe even years for God to open my eyes to His vision and let me feel Him, see Him, and hear Him with all of my being. As I pray for the broken relationships in my family to be healed, for my family members and caregivers to know the Lord, for everyone I know to be delivered from addictions and be blessed with friends who are strong in their faith, and for God to work in us and through us, He has shown up and began moving in mighty ways. The veil that has blinded me all of my life and allowed me to only see the bad in any given situation has been lifted and I now am able to see what God can do, will do, and is doing through the unexpected twists and turns of life.

Through my Aunt and Uncle’s house fire, God is healing the broken relationships within our family, opening their eyes to His love and grace, and letting them know that He does exist, has a purpose for their lives, and works good through all things.

Through my massage therapist, an opportunity was presented for one of my caregivers to attend a spiritual retreat which focuses on renewing the mind and life of an individual. “SOS at Zac’s Ridge is a powerful program designed to help you make dramatic shifts in yourself and empower you to live the life you desire all in just 2 weekend classes” ( Because of the retreat, my caregiver is a completely changed person and is transforming into the woman God created her to be.

Through a friend, I have learned that another friend’s drug dealer moved away this week to another state, completely removing this drug connection from my friend's life! There is always the possibility of another drug connection becoming available but I am believing for more!

Through a car accident with an 18-wheeler this Monday, God is changing the destination of the life of my boyfriend’s best friend. I have prayed for this person to receive an awakening from God and to be saved. I see how much God can work through this situation for the better - that this person will be saved, healed, that his eyes will be opened to God's vision, that God will use Billy through this situation and show his friend God's love, grace, and spirit; and that Billy and his friend will be transformed into the men God created them to be.

God is so good! Thank you God!

Please keep these people in your prayers as well as my Nanny (has brain cancer) and my Boyfriend (frustrated with his job and uncertain what to do next).

Thank you for your continual support! XO

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prayer for US Tornado Victims

We all are aware of the seeming increase of tornadoes and storms in the U.S. and around the world. This week, about 6 dozen tornadoes have devastated many U.S. communities and regions taking 30 lives and leaving 75 injured (Sommers, 2012) and even more houses, businesses, and vehicles destroyed. Please keep these Americans in your thoughts and prayers. Some have lost everything.

Father, we lift up those devastated by these tornadoes and we ask for your divine intervention in their lives and in this situation. Holy Spirit, we thank you for comforting them. May they feel your Holy presence and run to you. Please shower them with healing and restoration physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Please use this situation for good and lead those affected and aware to Christ and unite us as one. I pray God for those who are experiencing loss from these tornadoes to look to you for understanding and be blessed with even more than what they had initially. Please wrap your merciful and gracious arms around them. Thank you God. We trust in you and know you can do all things. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Visit for pictures and for more information.

Sommers, John. "Storm death toll rises." Yahoo! News. 3 March 2012. Web. 3 March 2012.