Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Two nights ago, a good friend of Billy's (my boyfriend) was in a bad car crash and is now paralyzed with a complete C6-7 spinal cord injury (exactly what I have). He is currently at Parkland Hospital in the ICU.

Father, we lift up Toby to you and praise You God for his life. We pray God that You will guide the hands and tests of the doctors and bless Toby with a miraculous recovery in the name of Jesus. God, reveal Yourself to him and his family in a fresh new way. May they learn of Your grace, love, and goodness and may they learn who their God is through this tragic situation. Speak to them God and protect his children as they search for answers. God, we know You have a special plan for Toby and I pray that Your will be done in his life. Father, prepare and strengthen Toby and his family for the road ahead. Give them endurance and help them to persevere. We refuse the report of the world and release the report of the Lord. Cover him and his room with Your healing and guiding spirit. Father, we pray for strength, sensations, movements, and all abilities to return in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, awaken his body. Awaken his spinal cord we pray in the name of Jesus. I pray that his girlfriend be encouraged and feel Your spirit. Help her through this as well. Thank you God again, for saving Toby. May he grab hold of this second chance and arise as the man You created him to be. I pray these things in Jesus' name, Amen.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcoming Speech

September 19, 2012 - MADD McKinney Adult VIP at 6:00 pm located at 2100 Bloomdale Road, McKinney 75071.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

1. Black beans
"A cup of black beans packs a whopping 15 grams of satisfying protein and doesn't contain any of the saturated fat found in other protein sources, like red meat."

2. Oats
"Oats are rich in fiber, so a serving can help you feel full throughout the day. Just a half cup packs 4.6 grams of Resistant Starch, a healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat."

3. Avocados
"Oleic acid, a compound in avocados' healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), may trigger your body to actually quiet hunger. The creamy fruit is also packed with fiber and protein."

4. Salmon
"Lean sources of protein help you feel full without adding fat."

5. Blueberries
"Best known for their anti-aging effects, blueberries, while tiny, are a powerful figure-friendly eat" and are packed with fiber.

6. Broccoli
"Cooked or raw, this cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers, but with a punch of filling fiber in less than 30 calories a serving, it's bound to prevent weight problems too."

7.  Brown rice
"Brown rice is a heartier, fiber-packed alternative to less-than-super white rice [and is a Resistant Starch]. . . Plus, brown rice is a low-energy-density food, meaning it's heavy and filling but low in calories."

8. Pears
"Just one pear packs 15% of your daily recommended amount of fiber. . . Ditch the peeler though; the skin is where all that filling fiber is hiding"

9.  Wine
"Resveratrol, the famed antioxidant found in grape skin, stops fat storage."

10. Grapefruit
"A compound in the tangy fruit can lower insulin, a fat-storage hormone, and that can lead to weight loss. It's also a good source of protein, and because it's at least 90% water, it can fill you up so you eat less."

11. Kidney beans
"One of several varieties of beans to make the list, red beans offer protein and fiber (more than 5 grams per serving!). Kidney beans are also rich in Resistant Starch."

12. Almonds
Almonds "are another superfood rich in healthy fats that help you slim down."

13. Green tea
"This steamy sip hydrates like water, which can help fill you up and shed pounds. Plus, the antioxidants in green tea will up your fat burn and calorie burn. One study found that five cups a day could help you lose twice as much weight, most of it around your middle."

14.  Lentils
"Lentils are a great source of satiating protein and fiber . . . [and are also] a Resistant Starch."

15. Bananas
Bananas are a great Resistant Starch.

16. Eggs
"Eggs get a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. But the breakfast staple is loaded with protein that will curb your appetite."

17. Dark chocolate
"A nibble of dark chocolate here and there can slow down digestion so you feel full longer and eat less at your next meal. Dark chocolate is full of MUFAs; studies show eating a diet high in these healthy fats can rev your metabolism to burn fat and calories.

18. Oranges
"At only 59 calories, you may not expect much from an orange, but thanks to a hefty dose of fiber, it ranks highest among fruits on a list of 38 filling foods put together by Australian researchers. Feeling full can help you eat less throughout the day."

19. Potatoes
"True, potatoes are high in carbs, but they are three times as filling as a slice of white bread, and top all the foods on the same satiety index as oranges. Plus, potatoes are also rich in Resistant Starch."

20. Pine nuts
"These tiny bites pack the same heart-healthy fatty acids that quell hunger hormones and burn belly fat."

21. White beans
"One-half cup of these fiber-packed beans contains almost 4 grams of fat-blasting Resistant Starch."

22. Cheese
"Fresh goat cheese and feta contain a fatty acid that helps you feel full and burn more fat. Look for cheeses labeled "grass-fed," as those will have the highest content of this healthy fat."

23. Low-fat milk
"The same fatty acid [in cheese] is found in milk, and milk's proteins can keep you feeling satisfied" Plus, milk is a great source of calcium.

24. Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas)
"These slimming beans pack more than 2 grams of Resistant Starch per half-cup serving. They're also a great source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats."

25. Pearl barley
"This starchy side makes a slimming complement to a low-cal meal by adding some satisfying fiber and nearly 2 grams of Resistant Starch in just a half-cup serving."

26. Quinoa
"Another diet-friendly whole grain, quinoa is rich in hunger-fighting protein. You'll stay full longer on fewer calories and avoid overeating at other meals."

27. Plantains
"A half cup of cooked plantains packs almost 3 grams of Resistant Starch."

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Aftermath

As we sit in the comfort of our own homes, let us keep in mind those who are experiencing devastation from Hurricane Isaac whether it be themselves, their homes, or their towns. 

Father, I pray for Your protection over Your people. May they feel Your loving presence and be encouraged, comforted, and guided through this difficult time. Give them endurance Lord, strength, and perseverance. Father, open doors for them and provide them with shelter, food, clean water, clothes, and stability. We pray for them to be blessed with even more than what has been damaged or lost. Lift their spirits Lord and introduce people in their lives who know You God and are filled with Your love and firm in their faith. I pray that their love and willingness to help will shine and lead to many salvations. We pray these things in Jesus' name, Amen.

AP Photo/Eric Day. "Isaac's Aftermath." Yahoo! News. 31 August 2012. Web. 4 September 2012.

Visit here for more information and pictures.