Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fundraiser #1 for Toby Mills

We are raising funds for Toby Mills, my boyfriend's best friend since middle school, who was in a serious car crash last September and is quadriplegic and paralyzed as a result. Not only is he paralyzed but his injury is much worse than mine. He damaged and nearly severed his C4 spinal cord segment which is very high on the spine (actually in the neck). The area of the spinal cord that is affected and the amount of impact and damage to the spinal cord determines what an injured person can move or feel. The higher the injury level on the spinal cord, the less ability and function a person has. Also, a person with spinal cord injury is classified as either paraplegic or quadriplegic. Paraplegia refers to a person that cannot move (or possibly feel) lower body extremities due to damage in the back. Quadriplegia refers to a person that cannot move (or most likely feel) all or parts of both upper and lower body extremities due to damage in the neck. The high spinal cord damage Toby obtained unfortunately has left him with only the abilities to blink, eat, speak, think, and move both his neck and one forearm (very) slightly. He has lost the abilities to move and feel below his neck and encounters daily struggles with pressure sores, breathing troubles, bladder infections, and loss - loss of independence, privacy, and all the abilities the average person takes for granted. We often think we have it bad, but then comes along someone who has it much worse. Toby spends most of his days in his hospital bed watching T.V., waiting only for night to come and another day of doing the exact same thing.

We are raising funds for:
a) Toby to have a computer with adaptive technology - aide in independence and quality of life
b) Inpatient and at-home rehabilitation - aide in physical health, independence, and quality of life
c) Adaptive equipment and tools for daily living (eating, getting in and out of bed, etc.)

We plan on having on-going fundraisers for Toby as he has many needs and desires and currently does not have insurance. His first fundraiser, "Tools for Toby," is an online fundraiser but is only the beginning! The direct link is

Ways you can help:
1) Pray
2) Donate money
3) Send Toby or Amber, his girlfriend and caregiver, an encouragement card or helpful resources (9433 Olive St., Princeton, Texas 75407)
4) Share this email and spread the word
5) Help us get more fundraisers started
6) Offer knowledge or help - visiting with him, praying over him, care sitting to give his family a break, etc.
7) Make him and his family meals

We have a couple restaurant fundraisers in the works and will keep you posted on those!

Toby's girlfriend, Amber, has honorably remained by his side. You can contact her at or 469-951-7863.

Father, we lift up Toby and Amber and pray that their faith will not fail but be strengthened. When all they see is struggle and defeat, Father, again, strengthen them. Let them experience you personally. May their eyes and hearts and very being be opened to you and who you are. May they understand how much you love and care for them and how you are there for them and always have been. May they look to you for understanding. Reveal purpose, truth, and guidance to them Holy Spirit. Father, we ask for doors of opportunity, blessing, and healing to be opened to them. We trust you God and thank you for saving Toby and their relationship and for your amazing calling on their lives. I see the greatness you have in store for them and praise you God for that revelation. Father, may their spirits be lifted, encouraged, motivated, and empowered and may your people enter their lives and bless them. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Thank you supporters. May you be eternally blessed.

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