Monday, June 16, 2014

9th Anniversary of My Car Crash

Today is the 9th anniversary of my car crash & the beginning of a life with purpose. It is through tasting death and loss that I truly learned the value of life and all abilities. How great it is to be alive! How great it is to be able to feel, move, see, hear, think, and speak! How blessed we are! Oh my God! I cry out to you with thanksgiving! THANK YOU FATHER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

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Writings On The Wall:

My Mom: My daughter has come a LONG WAY in all aspects OF HER new life. Today, 9 years ago was her car accident (still can't believe it happened to her and our family). Don't take life for granted. You never know how it can change in an instant! We've been blessed to have her another year! She was found on pavement not breathing, God breathed life back in to her, He was not done with her! She's a living testimony of faith, prayer, perseverance, determination, finding meaning and true purpose in life. We would not have made it without God's guidance and strength, so never give up on a miracle, not even a tiny one.

My Sister: I'm so blessed to have you, sister. Things could be worse and such a loss for all of us to not have you. I love you!

- U have come a long way in 9 yrs love! I'm glad God saved u!
- So glad God sent his angels to save you! You're a great person and we love you!
- God has used something so tragic to speak to people and he uses you everyday for his kingdom work. I love you and I am so proud of you
- Praise God! He's already using you in a mighty way! The awesome thing is that He's not even close to done...honored to call you friend!
- I watched you. I was there. You were so hurt. I can't believe you recovered and who you are now. We love you so much and are so proud of you.
- You are wonderful!
- Amazing.
- :)
- God is great! You show me that in so many ways.    
- Love you Tonya! Ur such an inspiration to others. Keep up the positive motivation that u give. God was by ur side that day and has never left! Keep striving! Keep living! Keep loving! 
- You're such an inspiration to many. I love your positivity!!! Love you sweet thing.
- God was  there!
- I'm so blessed to have met you- you are an inspiration:)
- Love you Tonya!
- Tonya you are such an amazing person. God has a purpose for everything.u R such a strong person. I admire you. You have never gave up. Ur a fighter!
- You are an amazing woman Tonya and anyone who has the privilege of knowing you is truly blessed :)
- I think of you often Missy and thanks a zillion for the Father's Day card! You sure know how to brighten my Day!
- You are an inspiration to so many!!!
- I was very blessed the day u came into my life love ya girl
- Was telling a volunteer about you today! Keep on keeping on!
- Oh God Bless you, Tonya. We rejoiced when you came home. He has moved in great and wonderful ways because of your life.
- You are a inspiration sweet lady!!! I'm blessed to call you a friend!!
- So powerful!
- You are such a blessing!
- We love you soooo much!!
- You are an amazing woman Tonya & such an inspiration to others! God has blessed us all with the gift of "You". Gods been there all along & will always be. Never give up!
- What a blessing you are. Your testimony, your life, is an inspiration to those watching - a picture of God's deliverance and purpose played out in you. I've loved getting to know you. May God continue to give you the boldness to share your story -- and comfort and peace in those moments you may struggle. Love you 
- You are awesome sweetie!!! God Bless You
- You are blessed and have been an inspiration to so many people. I want to thank you for what you do and believe this is your calling.
- Praise God for His kindness and love!!
- My anniversary of my accident was last week 6/12/08. After that accident I am now paralyzed from the neck down and require a ventilator to breathe. Your description of life after near-death experience is so beautifully put and accurate. God bless you my friend.
- May God continue to bless you, my love to all of you
- Bless sweet lady
- glad your still here and making a difference
- You are an inspiration for all of us
- You are an amazing person! Your out look on life and your spirit in outstanding! XXOO
- You've always been inspiring to me, Tonya.
- I would just like for my friends to know Tonya is an excellent example for all of us, words cannot describe how much I look up to her dearly and how much she has made me realize that EVERY SINGLE DAY we have on this earth is a gift from God. Tonya, I love you girly and I cannot wait to celebrate your 9th Anniversary of finding God's Purpose for you. I felt like I had to share this, because so many of us get so self centered at time, and we complain about nonsense. I have never heard anything but positivity come out of you and you truly do inspire me. Thank you for sharing your story with those around you at at speaking events, I hope by now you have realized how much light you radiate to this world and I am so glad you are spreading it. I am very blessed to have met you. See you soon girl!!!

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